About Anita Quayle

Anita Quayle is a contemporary freelance cellist and composer who collaborates with artists for recording and live performance. She has worked with the likes of Pete Murray, The Waifs, Russell Morris, Chris Wilson and the Crown of Thorns, Ainslie Wills, Jordie Lane, Gossling, Whitaker and Ice Cream Hands. She also composes for short film, theatre and Melbourne instrumental ensemble The Quayle Project.

Anita Quayle features on new album by Russell Morris.

van diemens land

Thrilled to have been part of all time legend (and hell of a nice guy) Russell Morris’ latest creation ‘Van Diemen’s Land’. I was asked to contribute cello on 2 tracks from the album, ‘Loch Ard Gorge’ and ‘Eureka’ also featuring Rob Hirst on drums. If you haven’t bought the album yet, then you simply must! A top album featuring some of Australia’s finest musicians.

The Quayle Project collaborate with Local Indi Film Maker to produce a winner!

Recently local Melbourne Film maker and Photographer Harrison Moss entered a short film competition and asked The Quayle Project to provide the soundtrack. We were delighted to hear that this was the winning entry. Take a look!