Past Projects and Recordings

Pete Murray ‘See the Sun’ Australian tour 2005 -2006

This was a great opportunity to experience the great highs (and not too many lows!) of the more privileged side of the Australian music industry. Big gigs and TV performances, huge adoring crowds and fabulous hotels. Not too shabby indeed!

Chloe Hall-  2003 – 2006

A Melbourne based Modern Folk artist, Chloe was signed to One Tree Hill Records and had a publishing deal with Shock Records. We were a dynamic duo, working very closely together on precise arrangements between cello and vocals, to create well crafted songs, which resulted in an album, White Street. It was recorded at Atlantis Studios, produced by Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood). Through her publishing deal with Shock, we were also employed from time to time to record source music for the Children’s TV show ‘Saddle Club’.

Chris Wilson and the Crown of Thorns  1999 – 2001

This was a golden opportunity for a classically trained cellist  to learn the ropes of improvisation from some of Australia’s finest and most distinguished musicians. Led by the inconquerabe Chris Wilson on vocals and harmoncia, the band consisted of Chris Tabone (The Badloves) on drums, Graham Lee (The Triphods) on pedal steel, Andrew Pendlebury (The Sports) on guitar, and Chris Rodgers on bass. Every gig, music festival, or TV studio appearance was a music lesson!

+ A few of the recordings I’ve featured on for some outstanding Australian Artists;
  • The Waifs – Sink or Swim – 1998
  • Ice Cream Hands – Sweeter than the Radio – 1999
  • Chloe Hall – White Street – 2005
  • Amanaska – Circles – 2006
  • Jordie Lane – Sleeping Patterns – 2009
  • Russell Morris  – Van Diemen’s Land – 2014