MLIVE 2019 Season trailer video clip ‘Winter Break’ – featuring Alya Manzart (Chunky Move).

Monash University approached me in 2019 to compose a short piece of cello and looper based music to help promote their concert program for that year. With the help of producer and recording engineer Nick Delaney, this was the result!


Nat Bartsch ensemble  – ‘Lights and Shadows’-  recorded in Isolation 2020

During Covid lockdown in 2020, the gang all got together remotely to make a live video clip of the tune ‘Lights and Shadows’,which is one of the tracks from Nat Bartsch’s Aria nominated album ‘Forever More’. We recorded the album at the ABC studios in Melbourne in March 2019, just before Covid hit us!  It’s a beautiful album which has gone on to soothe the souls of many, both young and old. 


Anita Quayle – A live improvisation at MOTH (Music on the Hill) 2019

Spire ensemble (featuring 10 of the most kick ass female musicians in Melbourne) was invited to play a concert to celebrate International Women’s Day. I was asked to present an improvised  solo cello and loop pedal piece for that show. Fun fact, this little improvisation was the inspiration that led to the creation of the song ‘Winter Break’, and the MLIVE collaboration!


The Sound Gallery Sessions – featuring Melbourne Amplified Strings – 2020.

This performance of the Sound Gallery Sessions features Anita Quayle on cello and Xani Kolac on violin, performing in harmony and dissonance as Melbourne Amplified Strings. MAS perform an original composition called ‘Blue Glaze’ written by Xani. This performance was live streamed from the David Li Sound Gallery on Wednesday 15 July 2020.